21 Topics for Persuasive Writing [Updated]

  1. School Year-round: Persuade your readers that having school all year round with shorter breaks throughout would be beneficial.
  2. Pets in School: Argue whether schools should allow students to bring their pets to school.
  3. The Importance of Recycling: Convince your audience that recycling should be a daily habit.
  4. Alien Life: Write a persuasive piece about why we should continue searching for alien life.
  5. School Uniforms: Convince your reader either for or against the idea of mandatory school uniforms.
  6. Fast Food in Schools: Write a piece persuading your reader about whether fast food should be allowed in school cafeterias.
  7. Fruits and Vegetables: Argue why students should eat more fruits and vegetables every day.
  8. Internet Access: Convince your reader that the Internet should be free for everyone.
  9. Reading versus Watching TV: Write a persuasive essay about whether reading a book is more enjoyable and beneficial than watching a TV show or movie.
  10. Outdoor Activities: Persuade your reader that outdoor activities are better than indoor activities for leisure time.
  11. Superheroes: Convince your reader about who the best superhero is and why.
  12. Technology in Classrooms: Write an essay persuading your reader that technology should be used more (or less) in classrooms.
  13. Extracurricular Activities: Convince your reader that extracurricular activities should be a compulsory part of the school curriculum.
  14. Space Travel: Write a persuasive essay on why humans should or should not colonize other planets.
  15. Public Transportation: Persuade your reader that public transportation should be free for everyone.
  16. Homework Overload: Convince your reader that the amount of homework given to students should be reduced.
  17. Music Lessons: Write a persuasive essay on why every child should learn to play a musical instrument.
  18. Online Learning: Argue whether online learning is as effective as traditional classroom learning.
  19. Celebrity Role Models: Write a persuasive piece about why celebrities should be responsible for being good role models.
  20. Limiting Screen Time: Convince your reader that there should be a limit on the amount of screen time for children each day.
  21. Chocolate for Breakfast: As a fun and creative topic, persuade your reader that chocolate should be a breakfast food!
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Persuasive Writing Tips

Persuasive writing is much like argumentative writing. It is a style of writing in which reason and logic are the primary modes of explaining a given topic. Ideally, it is meant to be able to convince the reader to agree with your perspective.

As a teacher, you may be unsure of the kind of persuasive topics to give to your students. The subject needs to be something that they can reason with and can do ample research on. For them to convince the readers, they will have to provide a great deal of evidence on the topic, which can be in the form of facts, quotes, studies conducted, and reasonable explanations.

Persuasive writing helps students develop their voices and become self-aware of their thoughts and opinions. It instigates them to go deep within and express themselves. Therefore, as their teacher, you must provide them with ones that will interest them and help them deepen their general knowledge and understanding of the world.

Benefits of Persuasive Writing Activities

While any topic can be used for such writing, you should choose ones that you think will help your students grow intellectually and morally, as well as broaden their horizons. For example, current social issues and events/movements taking place in the world are an excellent category to choose from as they expand on your student’s general knowledge while enhancing their writing skills at the same time. Other examples include those of ethics, human and animal rights, environmental problems as well as interesting concepts such as time travel. They will instill good values within your students and make them well-grounded individuals early on while building on their persuasive writing skills.

While there are endless options when it comes to topics for persuasive writing, here are our top 11 picks. There is a diverse variety, keeping in mind all age groups; some may be suitable for younger age groups, while some older, so choose the ones that are best suited for your students and get them started!

Additional Persuasive Activities

1. The Importance of Kindness

This topic is excellent for instilling good values in children. It will make them reflect on it, not only improving their writing skills but also subconsciously making them kinder.

2. Who Are the Culprits of Global Warming?

A great topic for persuasive writing, writing about global warming will enhance student’s general knowledge of current crises in the world. It will increase their awareness of the matter and perhaps even encourage them to play their part in saving the environment.

3. Should Men and Women Be Awarded Equal Rights In the Workplace?

Gender equality is something that children should be aware of from a young age. Getting them passionate about equal rights will help them make a difference later on. They will have to do their fair share of research on it, which will also improve their general knowledge while working on their writing skills.

4. Can Children Teach Adults, or Is It Only the Other Way Around?

To get their creative juices flowing, you need to give them such topics that will help them reflect and explore. It will also give them a sense of importance as they write about how children can teach adults. Getting them to form opinions is important as it will enable them to be their own individuals.

5. Is the Internet Taking Over Our Lives?

This is crucial to raise awareness amongst children from an early age. They should be fully aware of the dangers of the internet from the start. It will help them stay up to date with what is happening in the world and enable them to ponder over it, making them brighter individuals.

6. “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy” Do You Agree?

Something to think about, this is especially apt in today’s day and age when people are overworked and becoming more like zombies. Again, this is strongly based on their personal opinion and hence will help them develop their voice.

7. One Should Never Be Dishonest In Any Situation. What’s Your Opinion on This?

Through working on their writing skills, you are indirectly making them self-aware of their thoughts and opinions. It will also ingrain the value of honesty in them as they are made to think and write about it.

8. How Can We Stop School Bullying?

Unfortunately, bullying is on the rise in schools all over the world. It is absolutely essential that students be made to see the dangers of it so that they stop doing it. A great topic for persuasive writing, it will indirectly enable them to play their part in a good cause.

9. Using Animal Skin to Make Coats and Bags Is Unethical

A question of ethics helps them evaluate what is okay and what is not. They form opinions that help them become more self-aware individuals and fight for causes that they believe in. It also enables them to stay up to date with current social issues and movements that are taking place globally.

10. Drinking While Driving Penalties Must Be Much More Strict

Topics such as this one are essential in teaching children the dangers of drinking and driving from a young age. They are exposed to it, which will help them have a stronger stance on it and also hopefully prevent them from doing so when they grow up.

11. Time Travel Is Possible

Children should explore their imagination and creativity to broaden their horizons. This topic is excellent for doing just that, and it also introduces them to a new concept and idea, something that they were perhaps not familiar with before. It can help them question certain things and then reach conclusions.

Each of these 11 topics is diverse and will help your students grow intellectually as well as morally. They will aid your students in forming opinions and their individuality. Not to mention, most of them will require research, so they are brilliant in expanding the knowledge of your bright young minds!

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Remember, persuasive writing is all about presenting a strong opinion and providing reasons and evidence to support your views. Happy writing!